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3 ways to use Invide

Extend Team

Extend Team

With a subject expert

Extend Team

Try Talent

Before hiring full time

Extend Team


Full software development


Reliable experts on-demand

Pre-vetted talent from reputed universities and companies


Invite experts to join your team

Our experienced product managers hand-pick the right ones


Analyze & boost team productivity

We promote transparency because lack of trust can kill a project

Success Stories

How we get 3x productive talent

Screening resume


Screening resume

Interests, past work and references

Online face off


Online face-off

With experts, live one on one coding

Minor project(1-7 days)


Minor project(1-7 days)

Skills, attitude & communication are put to a practical test

Personality assessment



Personalized training to become effective remote team member

A invider is onboard


Invider is onboard

If everything is fine we offer them to be an invider

Invide Research

Want to learn about points of failure in team building?

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Loved working with an expert?

You can offer a full time work opportunity

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